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City Center Motel

The City Center Motel is one of the worst Las Vegas hotels. It’s rated a two-star hotel but customers complain about the loud music and poor hygiene. The hotel doesn’t clean its rooms or regularly. The beds are dirty, and there are no charging ports. Guests have complained about noisy music and poor hygiene after midnight. The hotel’s service is inadequate, too.
Siegel Suites – Tropicana

While staying in Vegas, you should never stay at the Siegel Suites – Tropicano hotel. The rooms and facilities are disgusting, and they are a haven for drug dealers, prostitutes, and a whole lot of other undesirable things. This hotel has also been rated the worst in Las Vegas by TripAdvisor, which suggests that problems abound. Guests have also complained about bedbugs and cockroaches.

The Excalibur Hotel and Casino has received several bad reviews on TripAdvisor. Many people compare it to Mufasa from the Lion King and have accused hotel employees of stealing from guests. Others claim that the rooms smell bad and the toilets are clogged. Other negative comments have to do with the general condition of the premises and staff. Some guests have even accused hotel employees of stealing money from them.
Circus Circus Hotel

If you’ve ever visited Las Vegas and have been looking for a cheap hotel, you may have come across the Circus Casino. Although the hotel’s name is child-friendly and the place looks like fun, it’s not what you would expect. Besides a bad reputation for having dirty rooms, Circus Casino’s interior is also not very appealing. Some guests have reported finding insects and worms in their beds. If you have a family with young children, you may want to consider staying somewhere else.

This hotel has a reputation for being very dirty, dingy, and poorly maintained. In addition to these problems, the staff is often unfriendly and doesn’t seem to care about the service or cleanliness of their rooms. The City Center Motel is a more basic option in the heart of Las Vegas. Despite its location, it is badly maintained and crowded. The hotel’s price is higher than average, which makes it the worst choice for budget travelers.

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